School Educational Philosophy


  • Opportunities must be provided for all Jewish children to receive excellence in Jewish and secular education. Should a child require services not available at our school, we will guide the parents in identifying suitable placement.
  • A quality program must include a caring and nurturing environment in which children can flourish while discovering their strengths.
  • Students should be taught respect for all individuals regardless of background.
  • In order for students to achieve the highest level of learning, they must be taught a love of learning and an understanding of the learning process.
  • Loyalty to Judaism cannot be separated from Jewish learning.
  • Through professional instruction, the Torah can be made accessible in its original, unadulterated form to every child.
  • The teaching of ethical and moral values and the development of midos tovos (good character traits) are an important component of complete education.
  • Effective Jewish education is achieved by promoting spiritual and ritual observances. Special care is taken to instill an appreciation of the importance of halacha and minhagim.
  • A well-rounded education goes beyond traditional classroom and should expose children to the arts, physical wellness, and athletics.
  • The safe use of technology can greatly enhance one’s pursuit of knowledge.
  • The creation of the State of Israel is one of the seminal events in Jewish history. Recognizing this significance, we seek to instill in our students an attachment to Eretz Yisrael and its people as well as a sense of responsibility for their welfare.
  • Students should be aware of their civic responsibilities and be prepared to become productive, committed members of their family, community and people.
  • It is important to appreciate what it means to be an American.
  • Students should be aware of current events in their community and worldwide.


WE BELIEVE THAT the students of the Hebrew Academy, through a well-balanced religious and secular education, will be capable of functioning as dedicated men and women in the context of the American society emotionally, academically, socially and spiritually.


  • Instill in students an intellectual curiosity.
  • Prepare students to achieve to their highest potential.
  • Teach students to develop self-responsibility.
  • Have children learn to respect their physical and personal environment.
  • Teach students to study and comprehend material in all subject areas.
  • Have children be knowledgeable of the world community, its problems and history.
  • Impart to our students the total HEBREW ACADEMY philosophy.